Today, I thought I will stop.. Take a break and really pen down how I feel.. Take a break from everything, sleeping, eating, cooking, feeding, cleaning .. everything..
Because I know the value of taking a break and just for a second, stopping to catch a breath… And because I know it is important to tell someone how you feel…!!

I haven’t seen or heard from my aunt for over a year now. But, not a single day goes by without thinking of her and her love for our family..




If you have seen me publicly demonstrate affection towards my husband, it is because she made it feel like it was the coolest thing to do..

On any day, if you see me rush out of the home with some goodies packed in a bag for the kids and headed to nowhere in my car, it is because she taught me that there is nothing like a planned picnic..

If my family is what it is now, without no love being lost, it is because she has been the tight rope holding us all together..

When I enjoy my freedom and understand that one can be responsible even while being silly and mischievous. It is because of all the tens of hundreds of vacation days in summer I spent with her..

If I am mad at my son for not eating his lunch at school, I know I still love him because I have seen her scold the stray cat for not showing up the previous day to eat her left overs..

If I am enjoying every moment of my life for what it is and live with the hope that tomorrow always brings happiness. It is because she taught me the meaning of living in the present..

Even in the toughest face of adversity, she is the one who reminds us all that it is OK not to give up hope..




This is a tribute to my aunt and all the remarkable ways she touched my life and continues to do so..


* * *


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