Week of 06/17/2019:

Dear parents, Thank you for sharing your children with us. We had a fun filled week of learning and growing!

Please review the weekly report and find a link for photos at the bottom!


ROBOTICS, CODING with Chesstronics:

  • We learned the basics of programming and robotics through a hands-on Powerpoint. 
  • We worked together as a team to create a robot powered by solar energy. 
  • We learned about how gears and sensors worked and how to work as a team to finish the task. 
  • We were given a challenge and had to complete it as efficiently as possible. 
  • We combined our programming and robotics skills as we worked with programmable Spherobots.
  • We learned about loops and how to debug syntax errors.
  • We completed a relay race challenge testing our ability to be precise as possible in their programming. 
  • We learned basic HTML and practiced our skills through Code Academy. 
  • We combined our programming and robotics skills as we worked with programmable Spherobots. 
  • We now have a basic understanding of how to solve through problems using algorithms consisting of repeat, if/else, and while statements.

CHESS with Chesstronics:

  • In the chess class, we learned about the chess principles in the opening and how to apply strategy. 
  • In the middle game, how to apply tactics such as using a pin, removing the defender, etc. 
  • In the endgame, the students were taught how to maximize their pieces in the endgame and attack weak pawns and squares. 
  • We also learned the special rules in chess, castling and en passant rules.
  • Lastly, from the time management part of chess, we played 5 minutes a side chess to learn and adapt to play a position quicker.

SPANISH: Lunch and Learn:

  • We learned the basics of Spanish including the alphabet and numbers. 
  • We reviewed the Spanish alphabet, numbers, and colors through a Kahoot game (online multiple choice game). 
  • We also learned how to conjugate verbs in the present tense. 
  • We learned basic verbs in Spanish and used our knowledge of conjugating in the present tense to form basic sentences. 
  • We played a 47 challenge game over the spanish alphabet, colors, numbers, and conjugating verbs in the present tense.

LIFE SKILLS with FutureSTRONG Academy:

  • Like any beginning of the week, to get our children to become friends, we start of with a board game, and this Monday it was “Hearing Things!” The pictures say it all :) 
  • We did Origami Art and created boxes. We played the game of infection and Pictionary to guess each other’s first name. 
  • On Tuesday, we kicked off our Rube Golberg Machine challenges. 
  • We did a thought activity sheet called Meanings in Mind, to learn about how our definitions and societies definitions of some words can be different. 
  • We played the board game Trouble, while some played Monopoly and Chess. 
  • We love brain break exercises and worked on creating sentences which had all 26 letters in them. We managed to find a lot of loop holes in the rules to this game! 
  • We learnt the short and long term affects of screen time on our mental health from a Teen run non profit organization called: Whole Fit.
  • We played tug-o-war. 
  • We told each other stories about ourselves and something unique about us in the hot potato game. We played minute challenge games like Up in the air. 
  • We had a pizza party and played Would You Rather. Then made Fruity Play Dough and played Knee balloon and Marble spoon race challenges. Both our teams show cased our Rube Goldberg machines to win the 5 second completion challenge.

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