An After School Program to build Emotional Intelligence and Essential Life Skills in children – grades K thro’ 12. 

What is FutureSTRONG Academy?

Our children will one day face the real world without our support. High GPAs alone are not a guarantee for a successful career or a happy life. As caring adults, we must give them tools for Time and Focus Management, Goal Setting, Problem Solving and Decision Making.

After School Programs. Teen Mastermind Workshops. Parent Nights.

1675 Peachtree Pkwy, Suite #140, Cumming, GA 30041

Call 678.310.5025 for a free class!

Why Do Children Need These Skills?

Our children need more than academics to become great professionals. Employability skills like collaboration, team work and negotiation will help them shine in college, career and real life. Having a great attitude, a confident communication style and a value system can enable them to live up to their complete potential

Our TEEN Mastermind Workshops

Our Good Citizen Initiative is designed for MIDDLE and HIGH Schoolers. They are 2 hour crash courses over the weekend where we teach them the secrets of top performers and make them college, career and real life ready.

We help Teens explore their interests and get ready for the real world with a compelling story to tell.

Let’s not forget, resumes don’t build themselves overnight!

Come Join The FutureSTRONG Academy.

Learn life skills. Pursue personal excellence. Build human potential. 
Free Resources From The Future STRONG Blog
To read or not to read

To read or not to read

While digital media is convenient and cheaper to procure, its often seen as a platform that can’t enable serious and thoughtful academic work. Whether it is long form reading or bite sized essays, digital books are easy for highlighting, bookmarking, or saving parts...

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Authenticity, Loving Ourselves and Freedom

Authenticity, Loving Ourselves and Freedom

Echo Chambers of our Lives: Like it or not, there’s no escaping the constant chatter of our inner voice or the contentious comments of people on social media voicing their opinions on topics ranging from how to raise children to solving controversial social issues...

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The Power of Pause

The Power of Pause

Pause a Little To Read This: We've all seen those drawings and paintings of Sisyphus, the Greek king. The one who, for being deceitful, received a punishment of rolling up a huge boulder up a hill. This act of his happens in perpetuity, because the boulder keeps...

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